Programs for 2018-2019

PROGRAMS 2018-2019

August 7 “Gardener’s Luncheon” at Ogle Annett’s home

September 4 “Raised Garden Bed”- Field Trip to the homes of Greg & Linda McMillan and Steve & Stephanie Timmons

October 2 “Greenfield Plant Farm” – Field Trip bring $22 and an outdoor container to build your own creation.

November 6 “Holiday Inspiration” at St. Thomas Church to be inspired by floral designer Diane Millazzo

December 4 “Holiday Luncheon”
at Terrace Park Country Club

January 8 “Terrariums: A Little Ecosystem”
Speaker Mychael Rumping, A.J. Rahn Greenhouses

February 5 “Beauty on a Budget”
Bring a grocery store bouquet and a vase.

March 5 “Herbs and Edible Flowers”
Pipkins Market

April 2 “Water Features: Large and Small”
Presented by Tracey Meade

May 7 “Dining in my Favorite City” Table Setting Event

June 4 “Walking Tour of Smale Riverfront Park” – Field Trip
Lunch immediately following at Moerlein Lager House

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