Programs for 2020

Meetings are held at the Terrace Park Community Building and begin at noon (unless otherwise noted)  with light refreshments and social time, followed by brief business meeting.

The 2020 February meeting is an evening meeting and begins at 7:00 pm. All other 2020 times are noted below.
February 4              “Gardening in Terrace Park: Challenges and Opportunities”
Speakers: Kevin O’Dell, Kendrick and O’Dell Landscaping                                                            Evening Meeting: 7:00 pm
March 3     (Noon)              “Spring Centerpiece Design Workshop”
Speaker: Sharee Alexander, Cincinnati Wholesale Florists
April 7       (Noon)               “Gardening with Children for Parents and Grandparents”
Speakers: TPGC members Tina Hesser, Christy Hawkins
and April Cain
May 4        (Noon)                “Thrill, Fill and Spill: Easy Steps to Container Gardening”
Speakers: TPGC members Ogle Annett, Lucy Maish
and Barb Bird
June 2      (Time TBA)              “Visit to the Olde Garden Shack in Batesville, Indiana”
Field Trip followed by lunch at a local restaurant

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